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The Cast

Geoffrey Kennedy

Sheriff Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

Geoffrey Kennedy was born and raised in Northern California. It wasn't until he went to college in Austin, TX that he realized he wanted to pursue acting. Finishing up his college education in Economics, he moved straight to LA to pursue his dream. Only being in LA for less than two years, Geoff has already performed in over 10 projects (including Random Stop), done stand-up across the city, and is waiting to take Writing Lab at Groundlings. He'd like to thank his amazing family in allowing him to live such an incredible life already!

Brian Krause

Andrew Brannan

A native of Orange County, California, Brian Krause is best known for his portrayal of Whitelighter Leo Wyatt on Aaron Spelling's popular program Charmed (1998) [1998-2006/The WB]. He starred on the popular program for eight season and appeared in 154 episodes.


Since wrapping Charmed (1998), Krause has starred in numerous TV programs, including The Closer (2005) (TNT), Ties That Bind (2006) (Lifetime), Devil's Diary (2007) (Lifetime), Beyond Loch Ness (2008) (Sci Fi Channel), Warbirds (2008) (Sci Fi Channel) and CSI: Miami (2002) (CBS).

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