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thought I was smarter than this film, I really did. I’d seen first person POV shorts before, and based on that experience I wasn’t expecting much as the film began. Then it kicked into gear and ripped my skeptical heart right out.


 By Jason B. Kohl June 30, 2014

Director Ben Arfmann turned heads at SXSW with his seven minute POV short film Random Stop. Based on the true story of a sheriff's deputy encountering an aggressive driver on the road this is raw and powerful stuff, enough so that it's just been made a selection of Short Of The Week and is now available to watch online in its entirety.

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor

"For police officers, every traffic stop has the potential to turn deadly. Director Benjamin Arfmann turned the true story of a deadly traffic stop into this heart-pounding 7-minute film... Random Stop is remarkable for its economy of storytelling and powerful performances."

 By Noah Gittell  July 2, 2014

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